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815 Graphics: A Lost Graphics Community
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LOST graphics sharing community
815 Graphics

Welcome to 815_graphics this is a graphics sharing community for the tv series Lost (2004-2010).

In this community you are welcome to post any of the following:

various sized graphics (like made - for -Tumblr graphics for example)

The Rules:

Graphics you post here must be about LOST and use pictures from LOST or have pictures of the LOST cast members as themselves or in other roles.
If you have other subjects in your posts that is OK as long as you have at least one or more item related to the theme of this community.

For example you may post;

wallpapers of Hurley and Kate
a picspam of Sawyer
icons of Daniel Faraday
animated gifs of Ben Linus
Tumblr graphics of Claire.
banners of Richard Alpert
icons of Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) in Hawaii 5-O.
a wallpaper of Matthew Fox (Jack).
icons of Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) in V.
a picspam of Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) in The Closer,
icons of Terry O'Quinn in The X-Files
a digital drawing of Yunjim Kim (Sun).

You may NOT post:

Icons or any graphics of media that do not have LOST cast member actors or actresses in them.
Graphics of things that do have LOST actors in them but they are not on your icons.
Graphics of people & things that were never on LOST and have nothing to do with the series.

So for example do not post graphics about cats, Jeff Goldblum, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, The Gilmore Girls, Dean & Sam Winchester, Minnie Mouse, Star Trek movies, Jerry Seinfeld, Queen Elizabeth etc.

When posting large graphics please use a preview/thumbnail no bigger than 500x500.
When posting more than four icons or lots of graphics please use a cut or link to your journal.
You may preview up to four icons outside a cut.
If linking to a private/locked community your entry must remain public for 10 days minimum. Please don't just post a teaser & and use it as promo for your locked graphics journal.

Lastly please do not post graphics other people have made and claim them as your own work.


coming soon

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